Weekly Wishes #5 | August Goals

August already. Oh my gosh.
Wasn’t I JUST saying that’s it’s already July? Aye aye aye.

Get ready for a whole bunch of lists.

Here are my August goals (I think I’ll always only pick 5) :
1. Stick to my budget.
This is a new thing in my life. We’ll see how this goes.

2. 50 miles.
I was off my game for a week and a half in July and still got my 40 miles, so I want to step it up.

3. Read the Bible through the Gospels.
I’m being realistic… I’m supposed to be done reading the Bible on August 29th, but I don’t want to finish reading the Bible and never want to pick it up again because I forced myself to read it too fast.

4. Cross off 2 things on my 101 list.
Do you realize. That next month. Is the end of my 1001 days? What. the. heck. Most of the time, I completely forget about this list. I crossed off all the fun ones and am left with the ones that I don’t care about as much as drinking at coffee places and sleeping at people’s houses. Being real.

5. Read 2 books. 
I read books in July and I forgot how much I like reading books. Because when you read books, people don’t talk to you. but if you want to talk to people you can close your books. It’s like the best of both the introvert/extrovert worlds.

My July Goals were:
1. Catch up on #biblein90summer ….not caught up. sigh.
2. Make popsicles Abigail and I attempted to make a certain kind of popsicle. It didn’t work. We’re still perfecting the recipe.
3. Finish a 30-day photo challenge …yeah, no.
4. Get rid of 100 items I have them ready to be donated.
5. 40 miles 41.96

….3/5. Not too bad. 


Last week’s weekly wishes:

  • hit my fitbit goals every day {guys. Ernie got a fitbit. I am so happy about this!}
  • 17 miles {I was doing SO WELL at the 14 miles and I want to take it up a notch}
  • write a letter to Dana {yes, STILL!}  I wrote it… now let’s see how long it will take to mail it 😉
  • make popsicles! {except where do I buy a popsicle mold? HELP!}
  • paint all 20 of my nails {because they are looking pretty bad}
  • read a book  I read A Life of Bright Ideas: A Novel by Sandra Kring. Love the characters so much.

…. what!!!! All of them!!!! props to me.


This week’s weekly wishes:

  • 15 miles
  • organize my bookshelf.
    It’s a hot mess.
  • visit the post office
  • do not eat fast food once even if I am with teenagers. Chipotle doesn’t count, because chipotle is heaven food.
  • No TV except for Pretty Little Liars.
    I have developed the super bad habit of television. It’s weird how habits I’ve gone without for YEARS can sneak in without noticing.


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