Where to buy cute poly mailers for Poshmark

So you’re selling away on Poshmark or Mercari. You stockpile your Amazon boxes and perhaps have picked up a few flat rate envelopes from the post office. But then you look through the #poshpackages hashtag on Instagram and get all heart eyes about the cute poly mailers with fruit and arrows and colors. and you go, “where the heck do I buy cute polymailers for Poshmark?”

where to buy cute poly mailers for poshmark

Let me help you out. Here are some places that offer cute polymailers!

Let me first say this – for awhile, I was a cute poly mailer junkie. I bought cute poly mailers like they were going out of style. and then I realized that being a high volume, lower priced seller meant that I was spending a LOT of money on poly mailers. Now I just order the free padded flat rate envelopes and boxes from usps.com and use those. It saves me about $45 a month. That’s my own personal decision (for now) but I totally understand wanting to send out little cheerful happy packages!

Amazon has been my FAVORITE place to buy poly mailers – they come fast and often have free shipping because of prime! I HAAAATE scrolling through pages and pages of poly mailers trying to find cute ones so I did you a solid and found a bunch of cute polymailers on Amazon for you. I tried to make sure everything was either on Prime or had free shipping. There are lots of bright colors for now because this post is first being published as summertime is on the horizon!

There you have it! Some cute poly mailers for Poshmark packages – your Insta photos will definitely thank you! and hey, maybe you’ll even get a re-post by the Poshmark account 🙂