Whole 30 encouragement



Whole 30 Apricot Lara Bar // stephanieorefice.net

Another option is this cashew cookie copycat recipe. BUT! Remember that these aren’t to be eaten like desserts or to satisfy a sweet tooth.


Other things:

  • 10 Whole 30 Staples + pictures of food she ate
  • Wild Foods is a great place to get coffee. For me, coffee is a MUST, and drinking it black means it has to taste great. They offer pouches for cold brew, which I absolutely freaking LOVE! The lumberjack blend is my favorite so far.

My recent go-to when I’m feeling uninspired is this:

  1. Something green (it’s USUALLY asparagus, but I recently only had broccoli florets and decided to go with those)
  2. Meat of some sort (again USUALLY chicken, but I was out… shrimp it was!)
  3. An extra veggie (I like sweet potato because hello… who doesn’t? but I’m LOVING the cauliflower rice from Trader Joe’s)

I cook that in coconut oil, often all stirred up together, and voila. The framework of an easy meal that I can cook in one big pan (minimal dishes? yes please). It looked like this and tasted SO GOOD!

whole 30 meal // stephanieorefice.net


Something to remember! I often find myself scrolling the #whole30 feed on instagram (SO ENCOURAGING + INSPIRING!) and I see things that are PALEO, but not Whole 30! Just because something uses all Whole 3o compliant stuff doesn’t mean it is Whole 30 compliant if you put it together.

Just like I wrote about the Lara Bars and the sweet tooth… if you’re trying to figure out how to turn a bunch of fruit and chicken into a pan of brownies, you need to abort mission. It’s about pushing through, not finding ways to satisfy. The whole frozen banana blended into ice cream thing is a good example of a no no.