101 in 1001 x4

Well this is something I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to happen. My third 101 in 1001 quietly fizzled out after a rough year or so of my life. A lot of things fizzled out and honestly I’ve been in self-preservation mode for awhile. Between empty holes in my heart being filled by new friends, a new church, and my sweet baby, I’ve been starting to feel more like myself.

Like I’ve previously written about when I’ve shared things I learn through my 101 lists, life changes SO MUCH. and sometimes you look at a list of things that mattered when you were a whole different person 2.5 years ago and it kinda stings. It hurts to remember who you imagined being in your life and celebrating you and you need something fresh.

So here it is, my 4th 101 in 1001 list. I don’t even know how many I accomplished on the last list and I’m not gonna worry about that because those 1001 days included some of the hardest ones in my life. Those days came to an end and with it, a desire for something new and fresh.

Here’s the deal with these 101 lists. You make a list of 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days. They can be anything. In my years of doing them, I’ve learned that you have to base them on who you are now, not some mythical perfect human being you hope to be at the end of them. You can follow along with the 101 in 1001 link at the top of my blog!

Start date: March 8, 2020
Finish date: December 3, 2022
# finished:

Bold means work in progress

  1. Take Madeleine to Disneyland
  2. Visit 50 different coffee shops
  3. Complete a round of Whole 30
  4. Be debt free
  5. Buy a house
  6. Purchase a new MacBook
  7. Hit $75,000 in Poshmark sales
  8. Read the Bible
  9. Accomplish my secret social media goals
  10. Go to bed before 10 pm every night for a week
  11. Try 10 new recipes
  12. Suffer through 10 breweries
  13. Visit the Humm Kombucha taproom
  14. Go to the Wildlife Safari
  15. Attend a pro sports game
  16. Accomplish 10 no spend weeks
  17. Read 25 books
  18. Earn $250 in free gift cards
  19. Hold Lucy & Layla
  20. Leave a $20 tip for a bill under $10
  21. Watch the sun rise & set on the same day
  22. Post 150 new blog posts
  23. Post 10 Empties posts
  24. Organize the files on my external hard drive
  25. Re-read Harry Potter
  26. Re-watch Harry Potter
  27. Watch all of the Star Wars movies
  28. Buy fresh flowers every month for a year
  29. Take a family photo every month
  30. Stay overnight at the beach
  31. Celebrate 10 random holidays
  32. Donate blood
  33. Finish my list of 1001 things I’m thankful for
  34. Bowl over 100
  35. Post 25 YouTube videos
  36. Finish a memory book
  37. Thank Nurse Karen
  38. Visit the alpaca farm in Bend
  39. Win something at First Friday
  40. Redo my Poshmark room
  41. Do a pantry clear out (eat our way through the food we already have!)
  42. New glasses for Justen and Stephanie
  43. Try 5 new restaurants
  44. Get a real hair cut
  45. Establish 5 routines and keep them for 30 days
  46. Have hot cocoa at Timberline Lodge
  47. Decorate gingerbread houses
  48. build a snowman
  49. carve a pumpkin
  50. Bake Cherry Chip cupcakes
  51. Go to the fair
  52. Watch fireworks
  53. Visit Skamania lodge
  54. Visit 25 different Goodwills
  55. Pay it forward at Starbucks 5xs
  56. Go through a corn maze
  57. Make/try 5 pinterest projects
  58. Visit the Woodland Park Zoo
  59. Go to an aquarium
  60. Donate 101 items
  61. Have a picnic
  62. Watch a movie in the park
  63. Visit the Peony farm
  64. Go to a hot air balloon festival
  65. Save 50% at the grocery store using coupons
  66. Stay completely hydrated for a week
  67. Hang pictures of Madeleine
  68. Have another baby
  69. Deposit $10 into savings for every completed task
  70. Go 2 weeks with no tv or netflix
  71. Spend a screen-free hour before bed for a week
  72. Stick to our weekly grocery list for a month
  73. Organize the baby clothes at my mom’s house
  74. Get matching family pajamas/outfits
  75. Have family photos taken
  76. Try apple cider donuts
  77. Host an EO Make & Take class
  78. Visit Marley’s Monsters store in Eugene
  79. Visit a cat cafe
  80. Get both e-mail inboxes to 0 five separate times
  81. Take my LLVs every day for a month
  82. Hit 10,000 steps on 101 different days
  83. Do a 365 photo challenge
  84. Make a birthday cake for someone
  85. Organize our files
  86. Fly a kite
  87. Organize under the bed
  88. Decorate our bedroom (mostly above the bed!)
  89. Use up 25 oils
  90. Make a meal out of Farmer’s Market finds
  91. have a game night with friends
  92. take 101 pictures of things that make me happy
  93. go to Zoolights
  94. Wear a different outfit everyday for a month
  95. Make my own salsa
  96. Ride the Seattle Eye
  97. Replace my epilator
  98. Finish a TIU Program in the TIU app
  99. Try all of the Chick-fil-A sauces
  100. Make a list of snacks to try at Disneyland and try them all.
  101. Make a new 101 list