5 Simple Ways My Non-Blogger friends can support my blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about why I need people to comment on my blog, and apparently quite a few of you could relate to that.

The blog post was written primarily for my non-blogging friends, because bloggers get it but non-bloggers.. well, bless their hearts 😉

So here’s another post you can share with your non-blogger friends.

5 simple ways my non-blogging friends can support my blog // stephanieorefice.net

5 Simple Ways my non-blogger friends can support my blog.

  1. Comment.
    Covered this one already but to sum it up, I pay for my blog. Blog comments matter to me and they matter to others, which helps my online reputation (which is HUUUUGE in blogging). Plus it lets me know you’ve read it, and in the direct platform in which I’ve presented it to you. Moving on.


  1. Share it on your Facebook.
    Mary-Keith and I discovered awhile back that the blog posts of ours that receive gazillions of views (slight exaggeration) are the ones that we share on our personal pages. Part of it is that it scoots our little blog posts outside of it’s little comfortable blog world AND it appears on LOTS of news feeds – that kind of exposure is invaluable. It takes very little effort on your part, but it means the WORLD to us.


    Scroll up and hover over the “5 simple ways my non-blogger friends can support my blog” image. See how it says “PIN IT”? Guess what. You should pin it. Pinterest is a HUGE traffic source for bloggers, and the more times our pins are linked from our blogs, the better. Robyn pinned an image from my blog that is a John Mayer quote; it’s been re-pinned over 1,000 times and DAILY drives traffic to my blog. Like I said about Facebook, that kind of exposure is invaluable.


  1. Ask me about it.
    Y’all. I spend a LOT of time thinking about blogging, reading about blogging, reading other blogs, learning about blogging, promoting my blog and even occasionally blogging. Ask me how my blog is doing. Odds are, I’m DYING to tell you about how my favorite blogger featured one of my posts on her blog or about how my blog was featured in a link up or even about how my blog stats are slowwwwlllllly increasing and I’m so excited! I probably will never sit down and immediately share these things with you, but my blog is important to me and I want to tell you.


  1. Tell me that you read it.
    A few years ago I remember talking to my friend Lorrie. I didn’t know her super well at the time. I can’t remember where we were, but she told me she’d recently caught up on my blog and hadn’t even realized I’d been dating someone until she read about us breaking up. Knowing that she read my blog was exciting because it NEVER occurred to me that she was a reader. As I write this blog now, I have NO idea who is going to read it. Maybe a stranger from a link-up, maybe some of my closest friends who are trying to figure out why the heck I care about my little corner of the internet, maybe my ex-boyfriend’s mentor, maybe all of the above.. but definitely not my dad, because he can’t figure out how to turn a computer on. Anyway. When I know you read my blog, it gives me a bit of an inspiration to know who I am writing to.


Okay, bloggers!
Your turn to chime in.

How else can non-blogging friends support your blog?


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