Why I need you to comment on my blog.


This post is for you.

The person who is reading this post. Who will probably read every single word of it, faithfully. Then you will click away from it.

MAYBE, if I’m lucky, you’ll comment on it. If I’m lucky. But more often, you’ll just read it and move on with your day.


I need you to comment on my blog.

I desperately need it.

More than I need you to “like” the post in which I’ve shared this blog on Facebook, more than I need you to text me and say “hey I read your blog today!” or whatever.

Sometimes I think it’s hard for my non-blogger friends to really understand why this is so important to me, because what does it matter so long as there is a response?

I’ll say it again, and then I’ll tell you why:

Please please please comment on my blog.

Why I need you to comment on my blog // stephanieorefice.net

Here are 4 simple reasons why:

  1. I pay for my blog.
    Every month I pay for hosting and every year I pay for the domain renewal. This blog is a small investment. Facebook is free. Do me the little favor of jumping over and saying SOMETHING. It makes the money worth it, and you don’t even know how often I feel like  giving up!
  2. Comments on my blog really matter to me. 
    You know how after 11 comments on instagram, it goes from sharing names to just showing a number? The thought of my blog post comments even hitting the double digits on a post gets me really excited.
  3. Comments on my blog really matter to others.
    One of the ways we do a quick evaluation of fellow bloggers is to see how many comments they are receiving – it is a glimpse into the influence of the blogger, the health of their community and it is a tell of the blog’s engagement. Blog comments help my reputation.
  4. I want to know you’ve read it.
    I don’t share TONS on Facebook or social media. The bulk of my life lived out online is here on my blog. While I do genuinely appreciate text messages letting me know you’ve read my blog, it makes my day to know you’ve taken a few minutes to respond in the actual venue in which I’ve shared the information. Sometimes the conversation needs to be private, but for the most part it’s welcomed in the comments.