a day in pdx.

This past weekend some of my friends who are working at camp came to Portland for the day. One of my favorite parts about having friends visit Portland is that I get to do ultra-touristy things that I reserve for… tourists. What can I say… #hipstersgonnahip

I joined them at the part where we went to Saturday Market. Actually we started in Whole Foods where I (unfortunately) did not find a boyfriend but (fortunately) did buy an apple, sun butter & coconut chips. Just in case you were wondering. I managed to spend $0 at Saturday Market.



After Saturday Market, we went to Killer Burger for food. At that point I didn’t really care about food… I just wanted more coffee. But! I discovered that one of the girls visiting is really good friends with my really good friend, Rhoda. So naturally, we had to take a picture to send to Rhoda…

a day in pdx // stephanieorefice.net


Then we spent endless amounts of time in Powell’s (I bought a new L’Engle book, Penguins & Golden Calves!) before Cameron, Deaglan & I walked over to Stumptown… where Cameron spent the best $4 of his life at a photo booth where we all basically failed at taking photo booth pictures. But now the photo strip is the bookmark in my new book.

a day in pdx // stephanieorefice.net

a day in pdx // stephanieorefice.net

(I am 90% sure Cameron had no idea that I took this picture, but I guess that’s just what happens when you don’t pay enough attention to me #onlychildissues)

From Stumptown, we headed over to Alberta Park where we spent a lot of time laying around and talking. But only after we merry-go-rounded.



I drank every last drop of my Stumptown iced mocha as we talked. I would have been okay if my coffee and my time with my friends never ran out. But the day was coming to a close.

a day in pdx // stephanieorefice.net

We initially were going to eat dinner on Alberta (some wanted Pine State Biscuits and I was all about that Grilled Cheese Grill because I’ve recently discovered that while I don’t love tomatoes.. I LOOOVE BLTs.. so weird) but that didn’t really work out so we aborted mission and skipped straight over to Salt + Straw.



I was REALLY upset that they didn’t have their coconut with salted caramel bars, so I went for the Stumptown Coffee & Burnside Bourbon and YESSSSS… it was so good.

Can I just say that I found it so amusing how my ice cream in a little cup was so neat and tidy and then Cameron sat there with ice cream dripping all over the sidewalk.

a day in pdx // stephanieorefice.net

and then our day together came to an end. They drove back towards camp and I went home and wished I was going back with them.

Moral of the story: everybody come visit me.