Platterful Large box review

In this blog post, I’m sharing my review of the Platterful Large box. I was gifted this box in exchange for my opinion, all opinions are my own.

Platterful Large Box review

If you are anything like us, with two small kids at home, time to ourselves is rare. Between the nonstop talking, asking for snacks, creating messes… it feels like we get to the end of the day and we are so burned out we don’t have time to do or go anywhere. We’re often hungry with no desire to make anything and tired with no real desire to do anything.

When we had the chance to try a Platterful box, I was so excited because it seemed like this could help with all of it – something to do, something to eat, and time to spend together.

The box arrived quickly and was packaged with so much care – the glass items were wrapped carefully and the cold items were separated from the shelf-stable items.

One of my FAVORITE things about Platterful was the way they took the guesswork out of setting up your charcuterie board. I’ve always enjoyed a well thought out charcuterie board but had no idea of how to set one up. Not only does Platterful include a unique selection of items FOR your charcuterie board, they also include instructions on how to display, cut, and fold everything on your board.

I spent most of the evening with my phone open, watching the very helpful videos they provide on how to cut and display the various items. Full disclosure: we’re not super adventurous people and opted out of the flavored olives and goat cheese. We had lots to try and weren’t even able to finish the spread as it was!

I felt so proud of the whole process, even though my initial cheese cutting was… very crumbly. We took it as an opportunity to sneak a taste of what was to come and… wow. Our unique cheese passion is the Tillamook smoked cheddar cheese we can only find in a big loaf at the Tillamook factory. The merlot bellavitano cheese was SO GOOD. As I kept putting the board together, I had to swat Justen’s hand away from grabbing more.

I loved the different flavors of meats and cheeses. Like I said, as a non-adventurous person, I wasn’t likely to buy spicy sopresatta. Never in my life would “blueberry bourban pecan jam” have stuck out to me, but I walked away ready to eat the whole jar with a spoon.

We absolutely LOVED the Platterful box – not just the food, but the whole experience of trying new things, learning how to set up a charcuterie board (hello salami river and salami roses!) and of course… the actual food!

Our MVPs were the melot cheese for Justen and the blueberry bourban pecan jam for me.

Platterful offers one-time box options (which would be a GREAT gift for newlyweds or for anyone during the holidays) or subscription options. They have vegan and gluten free kit options available as well, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Try Platterful for a fun at home date idea, a unique gift for someone you love this holiday season or… honestly, just something fun to try! We keep talking about that merlot cheese, so I know we’ll be back sometime soon to give it another go – maybe this time we’ll even invite friends over to make it that much more fun!

Thank you Platterful for providing the Platterful Large box for this blog post. We’re big fans and haven’t stopped telling our friends about how much we loved our box!