5 apps to make money with your receipts

One of my favorite hobbies is discovering simple ways to make money or earn gift cards. ESPECIALLY if those ways don’t include surveys, can I get an amen??? Whenever someone has a post about ways to earn extra money and surveys are mentioned, I roll my eyes so hard.

I’m not going to do that to you. If something is going to make me extra money, it has to be quick and convenient.

Here are five apps to make money with your receipts

apps to make money with receipts


Receipt Pal was the first receipt scanning app I downloaded, and I have earned $80 in gift cards (they only offer retail and Amazon gift cards). You can connect your e-mail and Amazon account and they’ll automatically have the e-receipts added to your account.


I discovered Receipt Hog at the same time as Receipt Pal, but I had to wait like a YEAR to join. I’m finally a member! I love the cute display of the app, but I think it takes a little longer to earn rewards. You can redeem your coins for an Amazon or Visa gift card or PayPal cash.


A new one to me, Fetch is for grocery purchases. You get bonuses for buying certain items, sometimes extra points for staying active, and a base amount of points for scanning an eligible receipt. The gift cards can be redeemed for a plethora of stores including Amazon, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Ulta, The Home Depot, Target, Panera, and so much more!

If you want to join and receive points for joining, use my code when you register for the app! I’ll earn points and so will you! My Fetch Rewards Referral code is: 2NXXA


Coin Out is another newer-to-me app. Scan all your receipts, and they’ll give you some coins. Most of the time, I’ve found I earn between $0.05-$0.07 (sometimes $0.10) for each receipt. There is no minimum cash out threshold, and you can get an Amazon gift card, PayPal cash, or have it transferred into your bank account. You can earn money for referring your friends, so please use my link to join!


Swagbucks is my OG free gift card site. I’ve earned $462 in gift cards/paypal money. Swagbucks started just as a website but has expanded into a plethora of different apps. You can earn points for searching on the internet, shopping through their platform, printing coupons, watching videos, completing surveys (DON’T KILL ME! IT’S JUST AN OPTION), and scanning receipts! If you join Swagbucks and then download the Swagbucks Answer App, you’ll have the chance to upload your receipts and earn points! This is a new to me feature, but I’m LOVING it. Your Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal Cash.