Forever 21+ Sale Try On Haul

Every 150ish times I click “add to cart,” I follow through with a purchase. I rarely buy something I don’t think I can re-sell and at least break even on, and it doesn’t seem like online is the best place for prices like that.

Because I am at the Goodwill Outlet ALL THE TIME, it’s hard for me to buy brand new items, so when I do it’s a big deal for me. Forever 21 was recently having an additional 60% off clearance sale, so I decided to pick up some items I’d seen. Plus I was shopping through Swagbucks (which is kind of like Rakuten) and I got $3 back on my purchase. and they had a free shipping code. It was the perfect day to spend $30 on a few things.

Forever 21 Package

I purchased 2 rompers, 1 dress, 1 tee and 1 MacBook cover sticker. One of the things I decided at the beginning of my pregnancy was that I wasn’t going to buy maternity clothing, I’d rather just size up in items, so I was excited to try these on!

Forever 21 90's T-Shirt Forever 21 90's T-Shirt

First this 90’s girl tee. Which I loved UNTIL I started thinking… does this imply that I was BORN in the 90’s or that I grew up in the 90’s? because I was born in the middle of the 80’s, but I lived my foundational years in the 90’s. This shirt is a little more cropped on me than I’d anticipated, but COME ON. once someone reassures me that the 90’s girl statement applies to me, I’m wearing this forever.

SPEAKING OF 90’s girl, this romper reminded me of Dionne’s black and white plaid in Clueless (reminds me of, not looks like!). I think I’ll wear this with a long sleeve top and tights under it for the fall. It’s super stretchy and really comfortable.

Don’t mind my dumb face but this dress is one of my faves for the last few weeks of hot weather. This is one of my favorite things I ended up buying!

OK my OTHER favorite thing I purchased: this lace romper! It’s SO PRETTY and I love how feminine it is. Will I wear it before next spring? Who even knows, but I really love it.


Forever 21 Macbook Sticker

I have this MacBook sticker on my MacBook case (I’m weird. I have a pink snap on case and then I put the sticker cover on top of it.) I love it so much and I have this weird fear that I won’t be able to find things I love again in the future, so I grabbed this on sale to hoard somewhere until I decide I need it.

So yeah! That’s my $34 Forever 21 purchase. I felt like those girls with online shopping addictions.. but I’m really not.

The best part is that I used a cash back site that gave me $4 back. The one I was using was Swagbucks (I’ve gotten back into it!) but another great one is Rakuten.