Bi-Zi Farms Pumpkin Patch 2021

We went to the pumpkin patch! Madeleine was born at the end of September and I always knew I wanted the tradition of taking her to the pumpkin patch. She went as a tiny baby, a one year old and now as a spunky 2-year-old with a tiny baby sister. This was the first year she was really able to enjoy the pumpkin patch, which was so fun to watch!

When we got to the farm, it was PACKED. The line was super long. We opted to stay in the car and give Georgia a bottle while letting Madeleine snack on her bento box. Seriously, we try to always have a bento box of snacks for Madeleine. It is always a great way to kill some time and keep her happy.

Our first stop was the hay pyramid, which she loved climbing on. Justen went with her and I was a little stressed because of the big kids running around with no concern for the smaller kids. She wanted to climb in the tunnels and go to the top.

I got this little Zara sweater when Madeleine was teeny tiny – it’s a size 4, but I knew it would be a great oversized cozy sweater for years to come. The hearts. The pom poms. SO CUTE!

Her absolute FAVORITE part was the hay maze – she wanted to go through over and over, and we finally had to cut her off to do some other activities.

By other fun activities, I mean by passing the absurdly long petting zoo and instead looking at a few chickens.

We took a ride on the tractor to the actual pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin. Madeleine had to be able to pick it up (even though she obviously wouldn’t be carrying it) and she was so excited to find one she could pick up!

Madeleine loved the tractor ride and kept putting her hands in the air like she was on a Disneyland ride.

Photos for proof that our sweet little Georgia peach was with us, too.

We spent $15 per adult on a ticket that gave us pumpkins to throw in the pumpkin slingshot, a cup of cocoa or apple cider each, a free pumpkin each… and we left with just the one pumpkin. There were SO MANY PEOPLE there and we were all pretty much ready to go home once we got the pumpkin.

Everyone year with Madeleine gets more and more fun, and I know that Georgia is just going to join in the party as she grows up, too.