Future | Past

I used to think it was weird that God speaks to me in visions. They’re not future-telling or anything, but every so often I get hit with this very clear visual of what the truth of a moment is like. Deeper insight into what is going on around me, if you will. But God’s got a history of speaking in dreams and visions, so I needn’t feel like a weirdo.

This whole vision was deeply inspired by two things.

First, by this quote from Love Does by Bob Goff:

Bob Goff quote // Love Does // stephanieorefice.net

Second, this song by John Mark McMillan:

I was at church and it was offering song time, which means we were all seated. We sang the song I shared, Future/Past by John Mark McMillan. I pulled my knees up to my chest and rested my head on my knees, letting my knees collect the tears dripping out of my eyes. Because that song is beautiful and my spirit is sensitive.


I got this image of a hospital room. My mom was preparing to give birth to me, and I saw angels leaning over excitedly saying to each other “there she is! there she is!” because since the beginning of creation, God has BEAMED with love over me. and he had prepared Heaven for May 30th, 1985. The day he would debut his masterpiece for the world to see. The long-awaited day when SHE would enter the world. and the excitement was contagious.

I was completely overwhelmed. and then immediately..

another hospital room.

I wasn’t an age, I wasn’t an affliction… I was just alone in a hospital room, dying. Alone. Dying alone. One of my biggest fears. But I saw angels leaning over excitedly saying to each other “here she comes! here she comes!” because for the entirety of my life, God has BEAMED with love over me. and he had prepared Heaven for whatever day that will be. The day he will retire his masterpiece from public display to private, cherished collection. The long-awaited day when SHE would enter the Kingdom.  and the excitement, despite my fears, was contagious.

You are my future and my past // John Mark McMillan // stephanieorefice.net


All of this stuff in the middle.. it seems so big, so heavy, so trying. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important. It’s eternal stuff, and it’s important. But from the beginning, God has been there with a giant smile on his face, singing over me. and he’s doing it right now, and he’ll keep doing it, and he will sing me right into Heaven. and I need to remember that every moment of every day, and so do you. That truth could mean the difference between coward and courage, between fear or faith, between life that is good and life that is overflowing. It changes things, because it’s a big truth and it overshadows a lot of the dumb, heavy stuff we deal with.

Don’t forget who has been in your corner from Day 1.

And You.
You are my first, you are my last.
You are my future and my past.


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