I’m doing a blog series.. :O

As soon as I wrote that blog subject, I really did make a surprised face.. and I’m just hanging out with a bunch of strangers at Starbucks, so I’ll probably not make any friends.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be doing a blog series called “All the Single Ladies: What I wish the church knew about me.”

Guess what it’s about? There are some key words in there that should give it away. It’s about #1. being a part of the church #2. being a female and #3. being single.

All of those statements apply to me, but I rarely own it. For reasons that will definitely be covered.

Here’s why I’m saying this.

#1. Accountability 
This is something I need to write. Maybe not for anybody but myself. I know some of you read this blog, and so I’m hoping you’ll keep me accountable. If, by the end of the day tomorrow, I have not posted my first blog in this series… call me, beep me… bother me about it, because this is important. Again, maybe just for myself. but I matter.

#2. Encouragement
There’s safety in numbers. My favorite books usually have me going “So? I’ve thought that hundreds of times before,” and two days later I see the beauty in that. I’d thought it but never felt safe enough to say it. The beauty is that someone was brave enough to declare it. and I want to be brave.

#3. Input
Please share with me via comments or Facebook or e-mail {stephanieorefice at gmail.com} things that YOU wish the church knew  about you as a single female. Either now as one or prior to being engaged/married/etc.  You don’t have to write an entire blog {BUT YOU CAN IF YOU WANT TO!!!…} just tell me what you think.

See you tomorrow. Sigh.