My prayer journal.

Lately I’ve  been really consistent in writing in my prayer journal before bedtime. Sometimes I write them out as prayers (like Dear God) and sometimes I just write down what I need covered in prayer (like a list) but last night neither sufficed. I wrote down my lists and could barely wait until I’d finished writing before I started praying. In the middle of praying for something, I realized that I had no way to express my heart so I sat quietly and asked the Holy Spirit to translate. When I felt a wave of peace wash over me, I knew that he had.

Last night was the best prayer time I’ve had in a long time. It was simple, to the point, honest, and focused on God more than on me. My prayer journal has a section for “Answered prayer” and for “Praises.” I’ve been trying to keep answered prayer in the answered prayer section and praises in the praise section; meaning that my praises are not dependent on the state of blessings in my life, “ongoing prayer requests” or “answers to prayer” but instead on who God is. Like the song says.. “because of who you are, I give you glory. Because of who you are, I give you praise. Because of who you are I will lift my voice and say Lord I worship you because of who you are.”

Last night’s praise is what stirred me to open up my heart to the Lord.  I fell asleep certain that I must share this.

Always – for You.

purely You.