the long road home.

This is a few days overdue, but I am home in the Pacific Northwest. Pulled in on Saturday night. I held my cat and walked around the house, relearning all of the little details.

En route to home, I stayed with the Birks for a few days. Next week I will go back because that girl in the picture is graduating from high school. Seems like just yesterday she was 10 years old. But no, next week she is graduating from high school. We will spend the summer working at Camp Arnold… and then she’ll be a college freshman at Seattle Pacific. CRAZY. Back to the plans: I’ll get to be around for Graham’s birthday, Memorial Day/my birthday, and will stay to play at the Birks house concert. So making it home was slightly anticlimatic. I’ll be in San Francisco for almost two weeks.

But speaking of San Francisco. Like I said, I stayed there for a few days.

I arrived on Mother’s Day. We made Stacy a cake. You can’t see the cake, but we really did make it.

One day I went to pick Emily up at school. I texted her and said “What time do you get out of school, again?” she replied, “12:12.” It was 11:10, and I thought she was out at 11:11, so I sat in the parking lot and started reading Redeeming Love. At about the same time, Andrew texted me to tell me that he was at Starbucks doing homework if I wanted to hang out. After Em got out of school, we went and hung out. My friend Nicole was working, so when she got off she came and sat with us.

Six months ago, only 1 of those people lived in Pacifica. Now 3 do. and then there’s me.

Remember Frappucino happy hour last week? Took advantage of it often. Brought her back one, but it made her cold. so that was solved with a Snuggie.

On Saturday I got breakfast with Caleb and Jen in Sacramento. My GPS took me over the Golden Gate Bridge. My 12th trip to San Francisco and I finally saw it! 🙂

Yesterday something really cool happened. Justin Bieber tweeted his cover of my friend Ernie’s song. I wrote about Ernie on my old blog. A few days ago, someone shared a video of Justin singing the song live, and that was exciting… but then Justin Bieber himself tweeted a recording! Ernie Halter was blowing up on Twitter last night.

This morning I woke up and had an insane amount of mail, which was odd because I’d checked it fairly late and had cleaned it all out. This is what I saw when I looked in my inbox:

That’s a bunch of notifications of new followers from Twitter. I was really confused, until I saw the one at the very bottom. See that? Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) is now following you on Twitter! Including Justin Bieber, I’ve gained 103 new followers so far today. one hundred. What the heck. {that image is appropriately titled “what the heck.png}

Here’s Bieber’s cover of Ernie’s song:


Speaking of videos and my friends. I’m glad to be back in the northwest for many, many reasons. Here’s one of them… Justin Klump.


Today I woke up and made a mental list of things to do. Things like “clean out my desk” and “go to the store” and “write letters” and “go on a walk.” However, it is 4:30 and all I have done is prepare dinner, play the piano, start catching up on Criminal Minds.. oh, and make these.