the prayer experiment.

At the beginning of the summer, we had a campfire. A group of us sat around it, waiting for someone to come start it. We used our “superpowers” and were not entirely shocked when it didn’t start. A few hours later I wondered why we never prayed over it.

Today we moved the bleachers. There were four people, then seven (when I came on) and then a few more. As Tucker and DJ found the additional people, I wondered why we hadn’t just prayed over it. When everyone came back, we prayed over the bleachers and moved them quickly and easily.

So I have decided to start praying. Over everything. I’m going to do this for the entirety of the week and see what happens when I consistently expect God to work throughout my day. It might even just be more for myself, to be constantly including Him in on the small boring parts of my life.

I dare you to try it too!! We can compare notes 🙂