Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

Yesterday I told Emily that I don’t feel like I’m in California.. but I don’t feel like I’m anywhere else, I just feel like I am right here where I am. It’s easy to forget that an entire state and a lot of a state separate me from Vancouver.. or that a lot of state separates me from my friends I will soon visit in Southern California.

But then I started talking to Jennifer about people in Hawaii, and suddenly the distance just flew at me very quickly. Despite my lack of real understanding of distance and space, the world is not as small as I think it is. As I saw my cousin and grandma off at the airport a few weeks ago when they went back home to the Philippines, I thought to myself, “the world is not so small when people you love are spread out all over it.”

This morning I was clicking around, you know.. jumping from one Facebook profile to the next, exploring people’s interests, and ended up at the website of the one place in the world I absolutely cannot wait to see. I’m more of a people person than a place person; if the option is to go explore a city by myself or spend an evening hanging out with a friend.. the latter is more appealing. So in many of my travels, I’ve not seen much (but I have experienced much). However, when the time comes for me to get myself to Nashville, Tennessee.. I cannot wait to go to Crema.

More than I have ever wanted to see the Golden Gate bridge, Central park, Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, those four heads in the mountain.. I’d love to just sit at Crema. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, though because one of the first things I make a point to do when I take a trip to Seattle is go to the Q Cafe.

So if you could go anywhere, and I don’t mean just a city or a state.. but a destination with a street address, where would you go? Is it a store or a bakery or a coffee house or a bar or a church.. or something else? and why? and when are your plans to go? =)

More about California later. Sorry, blog. I’ve been neglecting you.