TWOsday v.6

Okay, you  know the drill. It’s TueTWOsday. Two random things. If you’ve never linked up for TWOsday, you should next week! Just because… why not.

TWOsday //


About a month or so ago I noticed Letter Me Loved kind of show up all over my social media accounts. Actually, I think it started with Instagram. 95% of the time, I scroll past new follows by businesses, but I clicked on their account and was INSTANTLY smitten. I’ve put in my pre-order for their calendar… because LOOK AT THESE.

Letter Me Loved calendar //

I’m in love and I can’t wait to hang my calendar up. Encouraging reminders from songs that have been around for awhile, presented absolutely beautifully.

Do yourselves a favor and check them out on all the regular places (you know… instagram & twitter) & go pre-order your calendar. I’m thinking this calendar would also make a WONDERFUL Christmas present for someone you love, too. Tell them I sent you ;D




I found this video on my phone of Lucy + Layla’s first attempt at doing the YMCA. I miss them so bad. Lucy’s face is so full of joy and happiness in this video that I could watch it over and over just to see her look so happy. Normally she looks cranky, haha.

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